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Morrison Planetarium

What's under the dome? The largest all-digital planetarium in the world. Using up-to-the-miute advances in video-game technology, the new Morrison Planetarium will create the most scientifically accurate and interactive digital Universe ever invented. The opening show will take visitors on a journey to the outer reaches of space - 120 million light years, to be exact (and each light year equals about 6 trillion miles)!

With a full hemisphere of images projected at a rate of 30 per second, the dome's screen will seem infinite to the viewer and will create an intergalactic experience, from the very beginnings of our Universe to inside looks at the latest cosmic discoveries. And the flexibility of the planetarium's technology can incorporate emerging discoveries as well, from live NASA feeds, to broadcasts from Academy scientists in the field, to solar eclipses from worlds away.

September 14, 2008

Camera: NIKON D300
Lens: 10.5 mm f/2.8
Focal Length: 10.5 mm
Exposure: 1/320 sec at f / 2.8
Flash: Did fire